Dear traveler,

are you looking forward to your trip - and are you already excited that it will start soon? We think about what you hopefully don't need, but should definitely have with you: the right first-aid kit - called Reiseboxx. 

Wir sind die Reise- und Pharma-Profis und haben unsere geballte Erfahrung in die Zusammenstellung der Reiseboxx gesteckt. Du musst sie nur bestellen, einpacken – und dann geht es sorgenfrei auf Reisen. 

Those who only travel with hand luggage know that the contents of the first-aid kit should be waved through at the airport without any problems. 

This is where our Reiseboxx comes in:
Alles ist passend vorausgewählt,

sicher verpackt,

und „ready for boarding“.

In the Reiseboxx you will find everything you need for the most common ailments when traveling - hand luggage and in a waterproof, practical zip bag. Thanks to the bag, you can easily add your own items to the first-aid kit. The following applies to every travel box: The contents packed by us can be kept for up to three years.

Depending on the destination and time of year, we have adapted the travel box a little: For the Summer vacation there is a bottle of mosquito repellent in the Surf-Reiseboxx you can find waterproof blister plaster and after that Party after-party shots make you fit again. 

We are proud of our partners: The Reiseboxx folds one workshop of "Lebenshilfe". Professionals take care of the medical content: The West-Apotheke from Zweibrücken equips and sends our Reiseboxx. 

Our tip: The Reiseboxx is also great as a first-aid kit for your day trip home: It doesn't always have to be a trip by plane.